Powerful Snow Clearing

February 24, 2008@@@

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****** Snow clearing in winter is a familiar scene for us in the northern areas in Japan. However, it may be unusual for others.
Do you know snow clearing is so powerful work?
Every snowy night, a lot of snowplows are clearing snow on the streets here and there, while we are fast asleep.

West road of my house.
In winter, it is covered
with such deep snow.
North west corner of my house.
It is dangerous work,
so staff must watch the work.

******Snow blower******Bulldozer
Snow blower
As for the work scene,
please see the below.
Excellent working vehicle!
This bulldozer is not for
construction but for snow.
This is also an excellent vehicle!

******Snow blower, working scene******
****** Snowplowing is a work which is done everytime snow falls, but snow dumping must be carefully arranged beforehand. They must decide the area, the date, and the number of the vehicles they need. Early in the morning on the scheduled day, a dozen of dumping trucks stand nearby, and after the snow blower loads snow into them, they drive away one after another.

****** We are looking forward to the work, not only because the working scene is so powerful, but also because the area becomes clean after the work. But anyway, it takes us a little extra fee to dump snow. To live in the snow country needs a lot of energy and money!

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